Soma’s VSLive Keynote Online

You can watch Soma's VSLive keynote from Monday online, and read Roger Jennings’ write-up here.

Team Foundation Server will release to manufacturing in March, said Microsoft's S. "Soma" Somasegar during his VSLive! San Francisco keynote on Monday. He and his keynote team also announced CTPs for Visual Studio "Orcas" including Atlas, LINQ, Cider, and WinFX.

FTPOnline - VSLive! SF 2006 - Team Foundation Server to Ship in March

Roger agrees with Peter Coffee about the whole dogfooding doctrine thing.

I'm inclined to agree with Coffee's assertion that Microsoft's software development model isn't necessarily analogous to the workload of potential customers for VSTS and TFS. Enterprise-level application development that warrants a substantial licensing and training investment in lifecycle management is likely to involve integrating business processes, managing workflows, and upgrading legacy components in a multiplatform environment with much tighter constraints on developer manpower and project delivery time.

Don’t get fixated on Team System’s dogfooding of our product. As I’ve noted before (Debating Dogfood Doctrine, Team System and Microsoft IT, Team Foundation Server Case Studies), we have quite a few teams of varying sizes and scopes, internal and external to Microsoft, who are kicking the tires regularly. Of course, if we weren’t dogfooding the product, we’d be taken to task over that, too.

Sometime later today I’m hoping they’ll have Brian Randell’s presentation on Team Foundation Version Control, and Ajay Sudan’s presentation on Team System’s dev and test tools, which were both presented late Monday afternoon.


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