CS-Converter – Migrating Source to Team Foundation

With this post I figured I'd tie up some loose ends with one post. I got e-mail recently asking about migrating from Subversion to Team Foundation Server. It just so happens that Buck Hodges blogged about such a tool earlier this month. Today, I got e-mail from David Matyas from Component Software asking me to blog about CS-Converter. David said that CS-Converter currently supports conversion to Team Foundation from: GNU RCS, CS-RCS, GNU CVS, Subversion and Visual SourceSafe.

A number of users have asked about converting existing CVS and Subversion repositories to Team Foundation Server. While we have no plans to produce such, we had hoped third parties would. Today someone from Component Software posted an announcement of such a converter.

Buck Hodges : Wednesday, January 11, 2006 - Posts.

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