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I was recently contacted by Tim Anderson of Tim recently posted on his blog about third-party support for Team System (Who will *really* support Team System?). In his e-mail to me he asked, "I wondered if you have a list of significant and properly integrated 3rd party extensions or companion products for Team System?" The best answer I have is to go look at this page on the Team System site: Partner Solutions. But this page doesn't include every effort that's underway. For example, see the Teamprise site for how they're enabling Team Foundation Server for development on Macintosh and UNIX-based operating systems. There also several partners working on offerings in the process template area, as shown on the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) site. I think we’re only seeing the beginning of third-party products that will integrate and support Team System. Team System is a platform for software development innovation. But it goes beyond that, I think. I look at Team Foundation Server as more than a product for software development. Think for a moment what kind of applications you can build on top of a foundation that provides version control, work item tracking, reporting and collaboration. In my opinion, Team Foundation Server is the crown jewel of Team System.

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  1. Rob Caron says:

    David Lempher’s recent blog post (Team Foundation Server…it’s more platform than product!) reminded…

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