DSL Tools Prerelease Documentation

We just posted for download a new CHM help file containing the following prerelease documentation in support of DSL Tools.

Overview of Domain-Specific Language Tools
Describes the architectural model of the Domain-Specific Language Tools.

Domain-Specific Language Tools Walkthroughs
This section provides walkthroughs of key Domain-Specific Language Tools functionality.

Creating Designers Using Domain-Specific Language Visual Studio Templates
This section describes the different solution templates available to create different types of designers with the Domain-Specific Language Tools

Working with Domain-Specific Language Constraints and Validation
This section explains the use of constraints and validation on domain-specific language designers

Working with Domain-Specific Language Text Templates
This section describes working with text templates.

 You can download the file directly by clicking here. If you have trouble viewing the CHM file, be sure to review this post before posting a comment.

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