Accessing Team Foundation Server with Teamprise

I’ve blogged about Project Allerton in the past, which was a project created by SourceGear that was later spun-off as its own company, Teamprise, to provide a Java-based client to access Team Foundation Server from other IDEs and platforms. I received e-mail today from someone looking for such a solution, so I figured I might as well blog a link, too.

From Macintosh and UNIX Systems, and from within the Eclipse IDE

Teamprise is a suite of client applications for accessing Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System from outside the Visual Studio environment. Previously codenamed "Allerton", Teamprise enables developers to use the source control and item tracking features of Team Foundation Server from other platforms, including Linux and Mac OS X, and from within the Eclipse IDE.


Comments (3)

  1. dhartlen says:

    Will a Teamprise license include a TFS CAL or do you purchase Teamprise and a CAL separately?

  2. RobCaron says:

    I’m fairly certain you would purchase them separately.

  3. Ajay Sudan says:

    Correct. You must purchase them separately.

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