Missing Beta 3 to Beta 3 Refresh Migration Step

In Team Foundation Server Beta 3 Refresh, a change was made to provide a unique, but random name for the SharePoint configuration database. However, in the Team Foundation Server Beta 3 to Beta 3 Refresh Migration Guide, a step was missing to reconfigure SharePoint to use the configuration database you used in Beta 3 (STS_CONFIG). 

Absent this step, it would appear that your team project portal sites for any existing Beta 3 team projects were missing from the configuration database. I’m working to update those instructions, but in the interim here’s the step you need to complete on the application-tier computer after finishing Team Foundation Server installation:

  • %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\60\BIN\stsadm.exe -o setconfigdb -connect -ds DatabaseServerName -dn STS_CONFIG

Comments (1)

  1. Benjamin Beasley says:

    I noticed the missing link, but I also the backup and restore procedures from the Visual Studio Team System User Education link.

    The instructions for restoring the SharePoint settings allowed you to make the necessary changes via the SharePoint Central Administration tool. I removed the content database it was pointing to after the installation of SPS20SP2 and then added my previous database with all of my content.

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