LaCie – Brick Desktop Hard Drives

These came out while I was in Australia, but I want a few of these! I wish the drives were 10,000 rpm for some great VPC performance, but I can live with 7200 rpm, I think. They even sell mobile versions and a 2 TB external drive.

LaCie Brick Desktop Hard Drives

Crafted by the world-famous designer Ora-Ïto, the new Brick expresses a ludic playfulness in a user-friendly high-performance hard drive. Stack & Play multiple LaCie Bricks together to brighten your desktop and your mood (they’re even stackable with LaCie Mobile Bricks). With Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface, it offers the fast data transfer rates required for substantial jobs like downloading digital photos, saving MP3s or transferring home videos from a camcorder. Available desktop models are: 160GB (white), 250GB (red), 300GB (blue) and 500GB (red).

LaCie - Brick Desktop Hard Drive - Hi-Speed USB 2.0.

Comments (1)

  1. Tim Lavoie says:

    Bought a 500Gb drive to save my son’s videos and it lost all kinds of data.  LaCie service did little to help and effectively out waited me until the short warranty was over.  Watch out for LaCie.  They’ll take your money and run like a mugger.

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