Some Preliminary Team Foundation Docs

My teammates are reviving the blog we had started to use for posting preliminary docs and tips on using Help. Susan just posted some new docs for your review. Any feedback we can receive would be greatly appreciated. After all, we don’t want to go down this road again.

To kick-off the re-launch, we have several items this week. For those of you using Beta 3 Refresh, we have backup and restore procedures for you. For those of you who are curious about permissions for Team Foundation Server, we have two advance-copy topics: Team Foundation Server Permissions and Team Foundation Server Default Groups, Permissions, and Roles. Again, any questions, comments, or requests you have on these documents are very welcome! Next week we’ll be bringing you at least two security topics for Team Foundation Server, and we’re working on a few other advance preview topics as well. Let us know if there’s something you’d particularly like to hear about!

Visual Studio Team System User Education : Re-launching this blog.

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  1. Buck Hodges says:

    Rob Caron posted a link to the re-launched VSTS User Education team blog.  It includes a post of…

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