December CTP Installation

With every release of Team Foundation Server, the installation instructions have changed; sometimes minor changes, sometimes major changes. In the December CTP, one major change is that Reporting Services is now installed on the application-tier computer. This means that dual-server deployment instructions have changed accordingly. As with any prerelease software, remember that the docs are constantly evolving with the bits. When installing Team Foundation Server, you would be wise to always review the Readme, Known Issues and Installation Guide to be aprised of changes to the process.

Comments (2)

  1. I guess that would mean that you need a SQL license on both data and application tier computer then?

    Is the decision for performance reasons or due to the need for some RS run-time components on teh app-tier?

  2. RobCaron says:

    A few months ago we ran a survey to see how many people would face policy issues installing IIS on the same server as SQL Server. The feedback was that it would be better if Reporting Services was hosted elsewhere, which is why we moved it. Since dual-server install requires two licenses for Team Foundation Server, you’ll have two licenses for SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition already.

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