VPC with Team Foundation Server

Another catch-up post – as noted in Buck’s blog, we have more VPC images making their way to MSDN Subscriber Downloads.

Buck Hodges : Team Foundation Beta 3 Virtual PC is available

The last time I wrote about the VPC for beta 3, it didn't make up to MSDN like it was supposed to. Well, a beta 3 VPC is available now, and a beta 3 refresh VPC will be available as soon as it makes its way through the infrastructure (yeah, I know, trust me at your own risk).

The beta 3 VPC is under Visual Studio 2005 -> Visual Studio 2005 Team System Release Candidate -> Visual Studio 2005 Team System Release Candidate VPC (English).

Comments (2)

  1. Erl Egestad says:


    I can not find this VPC on the MSDN Subscriber Downloads site as of 04/09/06.

    Can you point me to a location where I can get it?


  2. Buck Hodges says:

    Someone recently asked me whether there is a VPC image available for Team System and Team Foundation.

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