Team Foundation Server User Management Tool

Time for a stampede! If you can’t stand having to manage users in three different places, run – don’t walk, to the Product Feedback Center:

Bug Details: Simplify adding team members

There should be a way where adding a user to TFS at the same time adds the user to SharePoint and SQL Reporting.

We have a team that has the bandwidth for providing such a tool, but they’re asking for customer feedback on that item to justify the work.

Team Foundation Server User Management Tool

One shortcoming of TFS is that when you add a new user to the system, the user is only created in the Team Foundation Server...not in the other two areas where the account needs to be created (in SQL Server and in Sharepoint). This creates extra work for the administrator of the TFS...they need to go into Sharepoint and SQL and add the user, with the correct permissions, manually. The Aftermarket Solutions team here has decided that we could build a tool that overcomes this we need to figure out whether or not customers really want this tool.

Comments (2)

  1. Jeff Levinson says:

    Yes! This is a pain even when using it on my home system. Also, I’m trying to drive adoption in my company. The last thing they want is many different steps just to set up a user in a project. Finally, the Database and Middle tier groups have their own administrators so you have to go to other groups to get those permissions set.

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    I might add that if you want this tool, please go to the entry in the DDCPX blog and leave a comment…I’ll be using them to help get resources to get this tool built!

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