Team System Case Study – Airways New Zealand

Take a look at how Airways New Zealand is using Team System to communicate, collaborate and create:

Airways New Zealand: Team Tools Help Developers Upgrade Mission-Critical Aviation Software

Airways New Zealand provides important products and services for its home country’s aviation system as well as for customers abroad. A client request to update and add features to a key software product called the Staff Utilization Management System (SUMS), which is used to manage air traffic control staffing, led Airways New Zealand to reconsider the tools used in its development shop. The result was that it moved most of its development efforts to Microsoft® .NET technologies. The company adopted Microsoft Visual Studio® 2005 and used Visual Studio Team System to upgrade and enhance its SUMS software. Now the company’s development group can more closely monitor specific development tasks while improving the overall quality of code through better documentation and more frequent quality checks during builds.

Download it (Word .doc): Team Tools Help Developers Upgrade Mission-Critical Aviation Software

"Before, a single major issue could take us days to resolve. Now with Visual Studio Team System, we can resolve it in a matter of minutes." - Peter Jones, Software Engineer, Airways New Zealand

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