Team Foundation Server and SQL Server Reporting Services

This past summer I asked for feedback on how you deploy SQL Server Reporting Services in your organization (How Do You Deploy SQL Server Reporting Services?). At the time, we were seeking input to determine if we should keep SQL Server Reporting Services on the data tier, or if we should move it to the application tier.

Based on the feedback collected, it was obvious that moving Reporting Services to the application tier would be best. The primary motivation for making this move is to eliminate IIS from the data tier; however, this move will also make it possible to cluster the data tier using SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition, which doesn't support clustering of Reporting Services.

Comments (3)

  1. Tom says:

    How will this affect the liscensing of RS? Will we then be able to use a 2 node web farm with the standard edition of RS so it matches up with the functionality of SQL Server 2005 standard edition?

    When will the change take place?

  2. Vasu says:

    The licensing of SQL Server (atleast 2000) was a little unclear on this. If Reporting Services was not on the same machine as SQL, it looked like another SQL license was needed.

  3. RobCaron says:

    When deploying Team Foundation Server in a dual-server deployment, you’ll need two licenses for Team Foundation Server. Each will include a license for SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition for use with Team Foundation Server.

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