Princess for a Day

My daughter sent me a link to this article about a Make-A-Wish wish (the 3,000th granted by the local chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation since its inception 20 years ago) she helped grant for a young girl battling neuroblastoma. That Redmond Drama was able to help grant this wish is poignant on several levels, which…


Coping with Ask Mode and Bugs

Team System shepherd Jeff Beehler provides some great insight into the nature of ‘Ask Mode’ and why at some point you need be more critical of the bugs you choose to fix, and those you chose not to fix, in the run-up to shipping software. Ask mode: New reason to postpone bugs? As a response…


Australia 2005 – Ready to Rock Sydney

Our trip from Melbourne to Sydney got off to a great start; Qantas oversold Economy Class and we were bumped up to comfy Business Class. If only we could have such luck on the mind-numbing flight back to the States come next Saturday. We arrived in Sydney as the skies began to clear from a…


Australia 2005 – Ready to Rock Melbourne

We were up early for our flight to Melbourne. This was a quick flight – only an hour or so. We arrived in Melbourne and got a great ride to the wrong hotel (our fault, not the driver’s – he took us where we told him to go). We finally made it to the correct…


Australia 2005 – Ready to Rock Adelaide

Our United flight from San Francisco to Sydney was largely uneventful, but served as reminder (my last 747 flight was in ’88) that Economy Class bites. I had planned to rehearse my demos sometime during the flight, but there was so little space I didn’t bother powering up my notebook. I had even carted the…


VPC with Team Foundation Server

Another catch-up post – as noted in Buck’s blog, we have more VPC images making their way to MSDN Subscriber Downloads. Buck Hodges : Team Foundation Beta 3 Virtual PC is available The last time I wrote about the VPC for beta 3, it didn’t make up to MSDN like it was supposed to. Well,…


Team Foundation Dogfood Stats for November

John Lawrence has posted the latest stats from our dogfooding of Team Foundation Server. John Lawrence (MSFT) : Team Foundation Dogfood Stats – November Brian’s been gathering up his information again – so here are the latest updates in our dogfood usage as off 11/18. We’ve seen a very large growth in the total number…


Preparing to Upgrade to Team Foundation Server RTM

Allen Clark, a PM on the Team Foundation tem, posted this on the Team Foundation blog and I forgot to link to it after hosting the images in it on my site. Seeing this post on Mickey’s blog reminded me about it. Team Foundation’s WebLog : Preparing to upgrade to RTM If you’re using Beta 3 Refresh,…


Channel 9: Eric Lee and the Team Foundation Team

Eric Lee and members of the Team Foundation team are on Channel 9 talking about Team Foundation Server: Eric Lee, Product Manager on Team Foundation Server, and team invited us over to talk about VSTS’s new team features. We talk about source code management, daily builds, debugging, and more. Download the Video Watch the Video


TDD Help Topic Flap

There’s been quite a bit of noise lately regarding a well-intentioned, but erroneous topic on doing Test-Driven Development using Team System (Guidelines for Test-Driven Development). We’re aware of the issue and are taking steps to rectify it. An error in a help topic is no different than a coding error – it’s a bug and we’re…