Visual Studio 2005 Ships!

The official launch is still November 7th, but Visual Studio 2005 is available for download starting today. This includes Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite, the role-based editions, and Visual Studio 2005 Team Test Load Agent. We're also releasing a Beta 3 Refresh of Team Foundation Server (later today). Of course, the downloads are for those with the appropriate MSDN Subscription; otherwise, you'll be able to download a trial version of Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite.

Update: Transitioning your MSDN Subscription? See this post.

Comments (11)

  1. Ben says:

    I have a Universal Subscription. A few weeks ago, I went through the tool to transition it to an "Architect" version. The only "Team" version of VS I can see is a Trial Version. What’s going on?

  2. Rick says:


    I saw the same thing. M$ (I never thought I would do that) has made it you have to purchase it separately. I called the partner line and they are being swamped with complaints. It really seems like a big shock to me ans everyone else I have seen asking. They said that it was obvious that it was going to be a separate product and that it was going to cost out the wazoo. I am just shocked that it was not dealt with better by M$. They have done a bad job at supporting their partners.

  3. PJ says:

    We are a gold certified partner and based on the communication we’ve received we should get the VS 2005 Team Developer Edition, when I login to MSDN Subcriber’s download site the only edition I see is VS 2005 Professional Edtion. Have the other VSTS editions been released?

  4. Tim B says:

    Same here, i have a universal subscription but can only see professional to download? It this correct? Are the other versions not available to download yet?

  5. Richard says:

    I’m downloading Team Edition for Software Developers now.

    Any indication of how long to release of Team Foundation Server? Will the Beta 3 Refresh run on the released SQL 2005?

  6. Jon Parker says:

    We also should be able to see the Team Suite. Where is it?

    I have people who are ready to go and ready to use it. Can you let us know where it can be found on the subscriber page?

  7. Tom Feliz says:

    Ditto here. We were told in the TFS chat this morning that Certified Partners should be automatically transitioned to Team System (which would make sense). However, like others here, so far we only see the Pro version. I did have an interesting conversation with one of the MSDN customer service people earlier who said that the Team System role editions have not been posted on MSDN for anyone. Of course, that doesn’t gel with what I’ve heard from some others. I’m starting to wonder if MSDN is regulating the download bandwidth by rolling out the Team System downloads gradually.

  8. Pookie says:

    I too am looking and dont have the server beta 3 refresh or the team suite avalable. i used MSDN customer service yesterday to make my choice and within an hour my trial option for team disapeared and no other replaced it.

    all i see are devel version of sql and pro version of VS 2005 😐

    where is it i wonder? discussion here and elsewhere indicates some see it so its defenently there. maybe Microsoft needs to check its MSDN server configs and see if a group of us got missed.

  9. Thomas Moore says:

    Same here. I’ve been waiting a few days to see if it just wasn’t posted yet, but according to this BLOG it should be there.

    I transitioned my MSDN Universal about a month ago so I should be ready to go.

    What is the problem?

  10. Charles Lazarr says:

    I’ve seen similar announcements about VS 2005 Team System role-based SKUs’ availability to MSDN subscribers. So, where are they?

    As of this moment, 2 business days from the official launch and availability at retail, I’ve only seen the TS Suite TRIAL edition posted to MSDN Universal subscribers (plus the non-TS SKUs like Std and Pro). Most of us were under the impression MSDN subscribers should be getting bits before they were generally available so you can imagine we are anxious and disappointed at the same time.

  11. Charles Lazarr says:

    After calling the MSDN Subscription Center, they informed me that Volume/Select Licensing customers have to transition their Universal subscriptions before the selected SKU will be available for download from MSDN. I don’t recall seeing this communicated anywhere so hopefully this is helpful info to others.

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