Migrating Team Foundation Data to Beta 3 Refresh

The data migraion procedure to Beta 3 Refresh (http://lab.msdn.microsoft.com/teamsystem/b3rmigrate.aspx) is ONLY for migrating data from Beta 3. Migrating data from earlier releases is not supported and setup will likely fail if you attempt to do so. If setup fails, it may cause data loss, which is why the procedure tells you to first backup your…


Team System Process Template Editor Alpha Released

Joel Semeniuk has created a GotDotNet workspace for his Team System Process Template Editor. Although you need to apply to join the workspace, Joel has made the bits available for download while awaiting an increased membership limit on his workspace. [via Korby’s blog]


Transitioning Your MSDN Subscription

In the Team Foundation Server Chat on Friday, and through numerous e-mails & blog comments, people are asking for information on transitioning their MSDN Subscription to one of the new Team System-based subscriptions. For MSDN Universal, you should visit this page: Transition Your MSDN Subscription. For MSDN Enterprise, the transition is automatic to Visual Studio…


Looking for Team Foundation Server Beta 3 Refresh?

For those who are looking for Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Beta 3 Refresh on MSDN Subscriber Downloads, but aren’t able to find it, it’s in the Beta 3 node:


.NET ROCKS! – Road Trip Memphis Episode

On this episode of .NET ROCKS!, Carl & Richard interview (from Jerry Dixon’s blog): Jon Box – The RD, MVP, Mobility Editor, and all around intellectual GIANT! Jerry Dixon – Me hyping my new SQL Server 2005 column in the .NET Developer’s Journal. Tony Lin – A dedicated user group member who is doing cool stuff…


Installing SQL Server for Team Foundation Server Beta 3 Refresh

Just to be clear, you must install the final, released version of SQL Server 2005 to use Beta 3 Refresh. However, since it appears that only SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition is available for download from MSDN, you need to be aware of one extra step before you install Team Foundation Server. In Microsoft SQL…


Team System 64-Bit Support

I’ve received some e-mail asking for clarification on what the story is for Team System 64-bit support in this release. Here’s a summary of my findings: You can use Visual Studio 2005 to compile your application and specify that it should run on a 64-bit operating system either as a native application or under WOW64;…


Une Discussion sur MSF en Français avec Jean-Luc David

Voici une interview de Jean-Luc David (Visual Developer – Team System MVP) à l’occasion du “Visual Studio Talk Show” dans laquelle il aborde MSF et Team System. Jean-Luc David: Visual Studio Team System 2005 et les processus de développement MSF (Agile et CMMI) Jean-Luc David discute des processus de développement MSF (Microsoft Solution Framework) inclus avec…


Migrating Data from Team Foundation Server Beta 3 to Beta 3 Refresh

If you are migrating data from Team Foundation Server Beta 3 to Team Foundation Server Beta 3 Refresh, be sure to review the migration procedure (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=55680) before attempting to migrate your data.


Codezone is Live

Codezone is now live on MSDN. The Codezone community provides access to a wealth of technical information in addition to the content found on MSDN. Codezone Codezone enables you to find the most relevant and useful resources across the community. These independent experts on the Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft Visual Studio provide a wealth…