VSS Converter for Team Foundation Server

As noted in Buck’s blog (below), Akash Maheshwari has started blogging about Team Foundation Server’s Visual SourceSafe Converter. If you’re moving your code from Visual SourceSafe to Team Foundation Server, you’ll want to monitor Akash’s blog to help you get there and then Buck’s blog once your code is in Team Foundation Server.

Buck Hodges : VSS converter for TFS beta 3

Akash Maheshwari, PM for the source control converters for TFS, has posted a set of articles on using the VSS converter with TFS beta 3. You'll want to check that out if you are converting from VSS, because that's the most up-to-date source of information.

AkashMaheshwari's WebLog

Here is the quick introduction of who I am and what I do for living. I am Program Manager in Team Foundation Team and I am owner of migration tool that will migrate your sources from VSS to Team Foundation. I write specs in addition to fight with my developers and QA. So if I am missing from my cubicle with no traces, you know who are at blame.

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