TeamPlain Web Access for Team System

A lot of people have asked for something like this, and DevBiz has it – Web access for Team Foundation Server.

[via Eric Jarvi]

TeamPlain Web Access for Team System

TeamPlain Web Access is a web interface for Team System that provides full access to work item tracking features of Team Foundation Server over any Internet connection.

Designed for teams that work with Team System, TeamPlain empowers team members where the existing tools are not sufficient enough.

TeamPlain Web Access provides immediate benefits for:

  • Users without Visual Studio 2005 or Team Explorer (managers, tech support, sales, non-developers)
  • Users working on non-Windows computers
  • Users who prefer a lightweight and simpler web interface

The current feature list:

  • Project hierarchy as in Team Explorer
  • Add new workitems or edit existing ones (WorkItem Editor)
  • Add new workitem queries or edit existing ones (Query Editor)
  • View older versions of any work item (Revision History)

Other complementary features they’re adding later:

  • Access to Documents Repository (SharePoint)
  • Access to Reports Repository (Reporting Services)
  • Access to Build System
  • Source Control Repository Browser (for changeset viewer)
  • Web based Olap designer and cube viewer (for Analysis Services)

Comments (1)

  1. Does this product require a Team Foundation Server CAL for users who do not have VS 2005 or Team Explorer?

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