Innovation in MSF v4.0

David Anderson has a post that summarizes how MSF v4 and Team System are different from what you’ve seen before, especially from previous versions of MSF, and how MSF leverages Team System:

  1. Separation of governance from capacity
  2. Lean Project Management
  3. Trustworthy Transparency
  4. Qualities of Service
  5. Constituency and Event-Driven Risk Management
  6. Continuous Adoption Curve - Agile through CMMI
  7. Situationally specific, context-driven project guidance
  8. Full Life Cycle Agile Methodology

For the details, see David’s post:

Innovation in MSF v4.0

A couple of weeks ago I was presenting MSF v4.0 to a prospective customer. I got to the end of a 3 hour walkthrough and one of the audience threw me off balance with this comment, "it seems undifferentiated from [insert name of other popular methodology here]." I was taken aback by this. Yes, we might have 5 tracks (formerly known as phases in MSF v3.0) and yes some other rivals also have 5 phases. Hmmm. So we're updating the MSF guidance to detail the many innovations we're bringing not just to MSF and process guidance but to the field of software engineering. We truly believe that we are innovating with MSF v4.0 and beyond that we have a clear roadmap of further innovations for future versions. It will be at least a month before this material is available in a guidance download. Here is your first chance to see it.

The copy of SD Times that was distributed at PDC earlier this month contained this front-page article: 'Hey, You Got Tools in My Process': Agile project offerings look at integrating IDEs, methods by Jennifer deJong. Give it a read.

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