Passing the First Litmus Test – Sam Gentile


Sam Gentile is up and running on Team Foundation Server Beta 3 in a matter of hours - not days. This was one of my personal litmus tests for Beta 3. Not that Sam is anybody's fool; far from it. It's because he's not afraid to take us to task when things don't work the way they should. As soon as the bits are available for download, I await mail from Sam. After seeing his post, I know that Beta 3 is the release of Team Foundation Server we've been pushing towards. I hope his Code Camp audience is equally impressed. The final release of Team Foundation Server will be a kick-ass v1 product.

I agree with Sam, the System Health Check totally rocks! The setup team did an amazing job getting this in place for Beta 3 on a tight schedule. Be sure to read the readme - there are some things you can ignore in the System Health Check, but most will save you from having a failed install.

BTW, Sam was the inspiration for this post: Unhandled exception after completing Team Foundation Server (services) setup. He reminded me how disheartening it can be to see that after a smooth setup. Fortunately, like Earth, it's mostly harmless.

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