DSL Tools at PDC & Beyond

As Euan Garden notes, we just finished the dry runs of the PDC breakout sessions. This is an opportunity for speakers to tweak their presentations and demos with feedback from a friendly audience.

Yesterday, I showed up for the dry run of Jochen Seemann’s DSL Tools breakout session, Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Architects and Future Directions in Modeling Tools. Fortunately, the room was double-booked. I say fortunately because Jochen graciously invited me down to the cafeteria for an exclusive presentation with demos. It’s all incredible stuff and the partner demo is eye-catching.

Regrettably, I had missed Jochen’s presentation at TechEd 2005. But then I wound up next to him on the return flight and proceeded to pester him with questions about DSLs, software factories, patterns and similar topics.

Anyway, if you’re attending PDC this year, be sure to attend his session. There appears to be a huge interest as they keep finding larger rooms to accommodate the growing number of people who are adding it to their schedule.

If you’re not attending PDC, Jochen is giving a Webcast on DSL Tools later in September. You can find out more about that event in my earlier post: MSDN Webcast: Domain-Specific Language Tools for Model-Driven Development in Visual Studio 2005.

In the interim, you can learn more about DSL Tools from the DSL Tools workbench.

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