No Team Foundation Server in August CTP

Soon, the Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite August CTP will be available for download. You need not look for a Team Foundation Server August CTP, because there isn’t one. To put it simply, the Team Suite August CTP doesn’t have a paired Team Foundation Server. In other words - if you want to use Team Suite August CTP, you won't be able to use it with any Team Foundation Server. The next release of Team Foundation Server will be Beta 3.

[Update] Some people have noticed there's an item listed as Team Foundation Server in the August CTP folder. This file (en_vs2005_DTE_ctp_Aug2005.iso ISO-9660 CD Image) is actually Team Test Load Agent and Controller.


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  1. Ron Puckett says:

    Actually, I’m downloading something called Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server CTP – August 2005 now… should I not install it?

  2. Vurg says:

    Why is there a TFS August CTP on MSDN downloads?

  3. We had been waiting to refresh our TFS server with new bits but looks like the July CTP will be…

  4. MadsTH says:

    Hi Rob,

    We are using Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite and Team Foundation Server (July CTP) for different projects (part of the Ascend project and with Arch Guidance coordinated by Jayashree Anand/Ron Wattam), and will start using TFS between our office in Europe and our office in Asia from September 19th. From October 14th we start a SPI project with a Indian process consulting company working with processes in CMMI and ISO to archive a CMMI L3 in the next 2 years based on MSF CMMI.

    Will there be any update to Team Foundation Server from the July CTP until the Beta 3 on November 7th? At the moment we don’t use the SCM, SCC proxy and some other areas of TFS July because there are too many issues… We do look forward to MSF CMMI to be included in TFS.

    Best regards

    Mads Troels Hansen

  5. Rob Caron gives us the news that there will not be an August CTP version of Team Foundation Server……

  6. RobCaron says:

    The Team Foundation Server August CTP download that you may see on MSDN Subscriber Downloads looks to be the Team Test Load Agent & Controller install. Internally, this was sometimes called DTE (distributed test environment), which you can see in the filename for this download.

  7. Rob Caron gives us the news that there will not be an August CTP version of Team Foundation Server…

  8. Buck Hodges says:

    Mads, beta 3 will be released in September with Visual Studio 2005 Release Candidate 1.


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