New on GotDotNet: CodeGallery

I just got e-mail from Korby announcing the immediate availability of CodeGallery:

Want to advise development projects where the creators actually listen to your input?
Want to show off your own code binaries, code source, rough ideas and position papers with others?
Want to find, download, evaluate, and discuss the best of what’s next in .NET or other platforms...?

If you like the idea of your feedback driving the project... then CodeGallery is for you

CodeGallery is a new application on Gotdotnet specifically centered around the experience of community feedback. While Workspaces concentrates on the joint development of code and code check-in process, CodeGallery limits code activity to upload and download and instead orients the collaboration around idea sharing and feedback from members about the uploaded items.

[Update] See Sandy Khaund's post, too:

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  1. Buck Hodges – Hold the shift key and double click

    Buck has a couple of cool shortcuts. I especially…

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