The Bloggers Guide to Team System?

This is pretty cool –  a CHM file with tons of cool blog posts. A compilation of great blog posts on BizTalk. It makes me want to do something similar for Team System, but I know I don’t have the time to do it. Perhaps will? It'd be great to somehow combine blog posts from around the Internet (Blogdom, the blogosphere, or whatever you want to call it), but I'm sure copyrights would play havoc with such an endeavor.

The Bloggers Guide to BizTalk: Workspace Home

The aim of The Bloggers Guide to BizTalk is to provide the best of the online content produced by the BizTalk blogging community in an easily accessible format. All the content in the guide has been created by BizTalk developers who wish to share their knowledge and ideas with others in the developer community. The subjects of these contributions and the level of their complexity are varied, so there is information available for those who are new to BizTalk, as well as for advanced developers.

Comments (3)

  1. Great idea! I think such compilation is a must-have. I don’t think it has to be a CHM file, unless we want to have multiple releases but like you said, maybe those guys do something about it 😉

  2. I think this would be cool! Like you said, copyrights might be a bit of a problem, but than again, maybe not. I guess it depends on the person. Like Omar said though, I’ll bet the guys can come up with something!

  3. Mohamed – Inside ASP.NET Master Pages

    Mohamed gives a VERY detailed overview of Master Pages.


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