New Team System Stuff – 2005-07-31

Visual Studio Team System

  • Jeff Beehler on the July CTP of Team System, which we’re now dogfooding.
  • Learn more about how we are using Team System within Microsoft.
  • Dave Bost hsa posted his slides from a Team System presentation in Chicago.
  • Richard Hundhausen posted his Team System presentation at Portland Code Camp.
  • Jeff Lynch follow-up to his earlier post on Team System pricing.
  • Mickey Gousset’s VSTS Links posts. |  |
  • Josh Ledgard is having trouble finding any detractors for releasing pre-built VPCs.
  • People like Walt Ritscher are really happy about using VPCs for Betas.
  • Laurent Kempé on some of his Team System projects in the works.
  • Michael Koltachev, a developer on Team System, has started a blog.
  • See Michael’s post on using Team System to do TDD.
  • William Sheldon has an article on testing in Team System.
  • Chris Menegay responds to a post that stated he was off his rocker.
  • Chris also has posted some Q & A from recent Team System classes.  |
  • Jeremy Miller has list of good, bad and the ugly following a presentation from Chris.
  • Scott Baldwin offers his opinion of Team System.
  • David Lemphers encourages you to evaluate and prepare for Team System.
  • Russ Nemhauser’s interview on .NET Rocks had some Team System mentions.  | Transcript
  • Sometime this week I expect to sit down with David Lemphers. What should he ask?
  • In this article, Matt Nicholson evaluates Team System licensing.
  • The Whidbey Release Team blogs about the Whidbey CTP process.
  • They’re also using Team Foundation Server to manage the Whidbey RTM release criteria.
  • Randy Miller will be keynoting at SD Best Practices in Boston this September.
  • Using the Team System VPC with a non-US keyboard layout?
  • Rick Samona demonstrates writing secure code with tools now found in Team System.  | Transcript
  • Mike Diehl on presenting Team System recently in China.
  • Jean-Luc David is soliciting your feedback for what Team System v2 should look like.
  • Omar Villareal has posted the link to the excellent Team System tutorials.
  • Elaine van Bergen shares some insight into her use of Team System.
  • Lorenzon Barbieri recently taught a self-built course on MSF v4.
  • Dave McKinstry reminds you about
  • Paschal wants to see a Beta 3 of Visual Studio prior to shipping.

Eric Jarvi’s VSTS Tips

  • VSTS Tip: install VSTS and then TFC, but if you dont...
  • VSTS Tip: ASP.NET and Team Build.
  • VSTS Tip: making vssconverter work.
  • VSTS Tip: Branching Source Code.
  • VSTS Tip: Troubleshooting Guide.
  • VSTS Tip: check out this fan site.
  • VSTS Tip: how to create a new bug.
  • VSTS Tip: discover the load test results viewer.
  • VSTS Tip: devenv /resetuserdata.
  • VSTS Tip: stay up to date with SQL Server 2005.

My Team System Posts

  • Team System July CTP (Drop 3) Available on MSDN.
  • Roy Osherove's Interview with Randy Miller Now Available.
  • Team System VPC Available to More Subscribers.
  • July CTP - What's New in Team Foundation?
  • Team Foundation Installation Guide - v1.0.50726 (July CTP).
  • Update – July CTP, Drop 3.
  • Escape From Yesterworld.
  • Team System VPC FAQ - What is Darren's Password?
  • VPC Available on MSDN Subscriber Downloads.
  • David Anderson - Writing Agile Software.
  • Roy Osherove's Interview of Steve Cook Available Online.
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