Team System July CTP (Drop 3) Available on MSDN

Grab the Team Suite & Team Foundation Server July CTP releases from here:

Developer Tools

Visual Studio 2005

Visual Studio 2005 Community Technology Preview

Visual Studio 2005 CTP July 2005

Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server CTP – July 2005 (English)

Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite CTP – July 2005 (English)

Grab this release of SQL Server 2005 for use with the July CTP release of Team Foundation Server:


SQL Server

SQL Server 2005

SQL Server 2005 Community Technology Preview

SQL Server 2005 CTP June 2005


SQL Server 2005 CTP – June 2005 Developer Edition (English)

What's new in this release? For Team Foundation, see this post.

Will other editions of SQL Server 2005 June CTP work? In theory, yes.

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  1. On MSDN Subscriber Downloads! Taking a look, it looks like Rob Caron [0] beat me to the punch at…

  2. Keith Hill says:

    Will SQL Server 2005 *Standard* Edition June CTP work OK or does it have to be the Developer Edition?

  3. Carl Daniel says:

    But is the July CTP worth installing? From the notes I’ve read, it sounds like it now takes a minimum of 4 machines to install a complete team system – 1 for SQL Server 2005 June CTP, one for TFS DT, one for TFS AT (single-server installs not supported weith this CTP), and finally one for Visual Studio itself. Or is it not really necessary to have SQL Server on a separate machine? The notes on MSDN subscriber downloads seem to imply that it is…

  4. Matt Phillips says:


    I noticed that the setup.exe’s in the July CTP bits no longer support the /createunattend and /unattendfile switches. I was using these in beta 2 to successfully install TFS bits unattended. Will these switches be coming back for the next drop? For the July CTP is there any way to do unattended install?


  5. RobCaron says:

    Matt – I’ll check on the setup switches and get back to you.

  6. Marc Kuperstein [MSFT] says:

    To answer some of the questions

    * SQL 2005 Std will not work, you will need Developer or Enterprise. While the SQL team is still finalizing some of the packaging details TFS has some dependencies that require Dev edition.

    * 4 boxes … Wait, not true

    1 for TFS AT

    1 for SQL & TFS DT

    VS can run on the AT box OR another machine.

    Btw, if you dig below the covers you’ll note that SQL is on a slightly different build of .NET — this is what, at the moment, is blocking single server.

    * /createunattend & /unattendfile — are you referring to TFS setup OR ???. For TFS these aren’t supported

  7. Matt Phillips says:


    Thanks for the response. Yes, TFS. /createunattend was in beta 2 and actually working fine. Are you saying there will be no support whatsoever in RTM for unattended install of TFS? That is an important feature and would be a great shame to lose…


    Avanade Architect

  8. Matt Phillips says:

    Does the source control proxy actually work in July CTP? I have setup according to instructions, including proxy.config and web.config. I can connect directly to TFS, but when going through proxy I get error TF31002 Unable to connect to this Team Foundation Server.

  9. RobCaron says:

    Matt – can you verify that you can access Team Foundation Server when not using the proxy? If so, let’s take this over to the Team System forums. That’s where the proxy experts lurk and answer:

  10. Tonight I went to the monthly dotNed user group meeting. Dennis Mulder and Pieter de Bruin of Avanade…

  11. Tonight I went to the monthly dotNed user group meeting. Dennis Mulder and Pieter de Bruin of Avanade…

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