Roy Osherove’s Interview of Steve Cook Available Online

As I mentioned in this post, Roy Osherove interviewed Steve Cook at TechEd Europe. The MP3 audio recording is now available online.

Steve Cook's WebLog : Interviewed about SFs and DSLs

Roy Osherove has published an interview that he did with me at TechEd Europe.

[Audio Interview] Steve Cook -Software Factories and Domain Specific Languages

The first of several Interviews I managed to do during TechEd Europe:

I chatted with Steve cook for a very interesting hour about his role in the development of UML, the concept behind software factories and domain specific languages, and the role DSLs play within Visual Studio .NET 2005. Steve even takes us on a short step by step walk through on making a simple DSL and the technical steps this entails. Steve also discusses the present and the future of Modeling as a way to design software, and later offers his own view of what software factories might look like in 10 years time. There's lots more in this packed 56 minute talk, but I'll leave you to find out all the rest...

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