New Team System Stuff - 2005-07-11

Visual Studio Team System

  • According to my sources, the Team System VPC that was distributed to TechEd attendees in the US and Europe will be available for download sometime this week.
  • Soma blogged about Team System’s contribution to distributed development productivity.
  • At TechEd Europe, more information was released about the Team System/SQL Server/BizTalk Server launch event in November. You can find more coverage at
  • An alpha version of the consolidated SDK for Visual Studio technologies is available for download [via Allen Denver’s blog]. Meanwhile, Jim Glass is working on how to package the accompanying documentation.
  • Eric Jarvi shares a good tip – subscribe to the Team System forum RSS feeds.
  • Neno Loje has started a Team System blog as a companion to his Team System page.
  • The Microsoft UK team has created Microsoft Developer Road Trip CD for your listening pleasure. Here’s a shortcut to the Team System track, you should consider downloading the whole CD.
  • Korby Parnell has coverage of Team System at TechEd Europe.
  • Although it’s a bit on the pessimistic side, there’s this article (no byline) in CIO Today about Team System.


  • Mike Burner has an article on software development modeling in the Architecture Resource Center.
  • The Architecture Resource Center has a master list of related blogs, too.
  • Edward Bakker has some SOA guidance.
  • Martin Fowler on ServiceOrientedAmbiguity.
  • Ralf Westphal has an interesting comparison for the shift to SOA.
  • Jeroen van den Bos has coverage of SOA at TechEd Europe.
  • As I blogged earlier, Marcus Mac Innes has great coverage, too.
  • Gianpaolo has started a series of articles on the 5 pillars of connected systems (I, II).


  • Windows IT Pro Magazine has an article on the Profiler in Team Edition for Developers.
  • Eric Jarvi has a post about ASP.NET code analysis missing line number information.
  • James Newkirk has released v0.4 of his NUnit Converter.
  • Brian Button shares more of his Team System unit testing learnings.
  • Owen Allen blogs about a user group presentation on unit testing.
  • Heath Stewart has a book review of the Microsoft Press title, Threat Modeling.
  • Register now for an upcoming (8/11 at 11AM PDT) webcast on Implementing Security in the Development Lifecycle.

Project Management

Team Software Development

  • Abhinaba Basu has a post that covers renaming, deleting or hiding a build type.
  • Sam Gentile blogs on adding users to the Namespace Administrators application group.
  • Korby Parnell covers the TechEd Europe breakout session on Team Foundation version control.
  • John Morris reports that he is now working on Team Foundation version control.
  • Manish Agarwal, a developer on the Team Foundation Build team has started blogging.
  • Brad Appleton is seeking the principles of software change management.
  • Richard Hundhausen, author of Introducing Visual Studio 2005 Team System Beta, has posted his presentation materials from TechEd Europe.


  • Roy Osherove blogs about performance vs. testability and semi-virtual method calls.
  • Paul Gielens was anxious to see Roy Osherove present at TechEd Europe and links to Roy’s Testing Guidelines.
  • John Long considers whether he is a tester who writes software, or a developer who tests.
  • Brian Marick blogs about breaking tests for understanding and the actual lesson learned.

Team System Workshop

  • The MSF for CMMI Process Improvement workbench led by David Anderson is open for business.
  • Tom Hollander blogs about James Newkirk’s use of the Guidance Automation Toolkit in the NUnit Converter.
  • Edward Bakker has a couple of posts on Software Factories based on the presentations he attended and discussions he had at TechEd Europe:

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    article posted on Bootstrapper security [Via: ChrSmith

    ] New

    Team System Stuff - 2005-07-11...

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    article posted on Bootstrapper security [Via: ChrSmith

    ] New

    Team System Stuff - 2005-07-11...

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    Any update on when Team System VPCs can be downloaded?

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