My June Backlog – Team System Stuff

  • Carl Franklin has posted the .NET Rocks Show #117 with members of the Team System team
  • Chris Menegay on:

  • Grace Francisco covers using the SQL Server June CTP with Team System  and has some tips on using the Team System VPC
  • Omar Villarreal has some tips for using the VPC, too
  • Jeff Beehler on:

  • Soma linked to my post about the June CTP  
  • Keen Browne has the daunting task of handling CTPs going forward
  • Sahil Malik has an opinion on CTPs, too and
  • Jeffrey Palermo on fixing the networking configuration in the Team System VPC
  • The Solutions Monkey hits on something that is the #1 feature of Team System
  • Peter Giffin has the CRC codes for determining if your Beta 2 media is corrupted or not
  • The Whidbey Release Team notes that we’re now in Teall Mode for Whidbey
  • Roger Sessions’ ObjectWatch Newsletter #50 has a good TechEd review (PDF) 
  • Sam Gentile was having some challenges with Beta 2 and . Hopefully, the VPC will make life easier.
  • Steve Smith has shared his notes from the class he took from Chris Menegay and
  • Thom Robbins linked to the Reviewer’s Guide  and has adapted the standard Team System slide
  • Venkat Subramanium recently did a “ZePo” presentation on Team System
  • Joel Semeniuk has been working on some tools to ease Team System adoption
  • We’re taken to task again about the freshness of our blogs
  • Larry Jordan shares his Team System experiences from TechEd
  • Microsoft New Zealand is holding a contest around Team System with more than NZ$100,000 in prizes 

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