Team System Training Opportunity

As I’ve noted before, Chris Menegay is one of a few experts on Team System outside of Microsoft (he has even corrected me a few times to my chagrin). I recently blogged about his Grok Talk overview session on Team System that he gave at TechEd in Orlando earlier this month. Now, his company Notion Solutions is offering a 3–day course (syllabus here) on Team System in Dallas twice next month (7/13–15 & 7/25–27) at the local Microsoft office.

50629.1135: I meant to include this link, too. They also have a list of Team System courses that are under development. See the course list.

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  1. Steven Smith says:

    That’ll probably be the same course he’s giving (and I’m attending) this week in Columbus, Ohio. I’m blogging about it this week.

  2. Steve, It’s real close to what you are taking this week. We’re actually modifying and deepening the material, and will make a decision late next week what to include (deeper labs) and what not to include for the public class.

  3. Wouldn’t it be nice…

    VSTS Quality Tools: Getting Started with Test Generation

    Viewing Downloaded…

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