Updated MSF for Agile Software Development Process Template

If you’re running Beta 2 of Team Foundation Server, there’s an updated version of the MSF for Agile Software Development process template. You can download it from here in the Microsoft Download Center.

This download of MSF for Agile Software Development contains a more recent version of this process template than the one that shipped with Visual Studio 2005 Team System Beta 2. This download not only includes process guidance, but also work item type definitions, pre-defined work items & work item queries, report definitions, and project document templates.

Since this template uses a different name (in Beta 2, it was called MSF Agile), you can import it into Team Foundation Server for creating new team projects without overwriting the Beta 2 version. For more information, see How to: Import a Process Template.

To learn more about the changes you’ll find in this new version, keep an eye on Randy Miller’s blog and the MSF for Agile Software Development workbench.

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