June CTP – Install Team Explorer for Team Foundation Functionality

Starting with the June CTP, you'll need to install Team Explorer to gain Team Foundation functionality. After installing Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite (or any of the role-based editions in later releases) you won't have access to Team Foundation until you do this additional install. It's no longer included in the Visual Studio installation process. You can find the setup for Team Explorer on the Team Foundation Server installation media/iso file. The autorun screen should have a link for it, too.

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  2. Steven Smith says:

    As I wrote yesterday, I’ve just gone through my first real install of VSTS Team Foundation Server. …

  3. Azeem Fraz says:

    I’ve TFS configured and on the client, I installed Team Explorer. Then on the client, I connected with the TFS and have saved the user when prompted. It worked fine but now I want to change the user but don’t know how to change. Is it possible to change the user? If yes how?


  4. Jeffrey says:

    I’ve installed Team Explorer, but i couldn’t find workspace. so that i couldn’t create build. How can I install workspace menu item?

  5. RobCaron says:

    Open Source Control Explorer (on the View menu, point to Other Windows, and then click Source Control Explorer).

    In the Workspace list, click Workspaces.

  6. J. Zhang says:

    I wanna see the articles relative with this topic

  7. Stefan W says:

    I was looking for documentation about installing administration toole, but the link from http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/teamsystem/team/quickstarts/install/default.aspx brought me to this not very useful page instead. Is that the doc Microsoft provides now?

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