Wouldn’t it be nice…

…if you could have a pre-built VPC image with the Team System Beta on it? You’d probably need at least a 2 GHz processor, 1.5 GB RAM, and at least 10 GB of available hard disk space. Of course, you’d also need Virtual PC 2004. Heck, you could even put an evaluation copy of that on the same DVD, eh? Such an image would have to expire at some point, say May 2006?

If you're at TechEd, I have these DVDs (while supplies last) at the Team System Track Cabana. Come and get 'em.

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  1. James says:

    Yes! Team System + Team Foundation + Yukon would be a godsend. Make such a thing downloadable and I’d weep with joy.

  2. George Mealy says:

    Absolutely. I know any number of people who for various reasons do not have control of the resources to do a normal install. And yet, any real evaluation requires an install.

    Those of us who attended the Technical Briefing in San Jose last Thursday are aware of its existance and are awaiting it with bated breath.

  3. JohnW says:

    YES! And…???

  4. Justin Miller says:

    That sounds like a great idea! This would allow me to start working with the beta, since I haven’t had time to load it up manually.

  5. Barry Gervin says:

    Hey Rob, I have one that runs in 700mb of virtual ram. I’ve tested this on 1.5ghz machines and up. It has the all in one tfs & sql, wss, srs, is a dc, etc. etc. It even has team build on it and all seems to be working well. This runs reasonable for eval purposes on a 1gb physical ram.

    I gave a copy to Richard Hundhausen yesterday in Orlando (I’m home now) so if you want to get a copy from him, I’m sure he’ll oblige. It’s a 3.5gb zip file that unzips to a 8.5gb file.

  6. Consolidated Team System Virtual PC DVDs at TechEd

  7. (while supplies last):

    …if you could have a pre-built VPC image with the Team System Beta on it? You’d…

  8. Randy H. says:

    Is that image available internally at MS for download? 🙂

  9. Sam says:

    Damn that would be nice 🙂

    And it would save so much time…

    Pity I’m in South Africa!

    (hint hint Microsoft SA!)

  10. James Chambers says:

    nice touch, Rob.

    this would be a great thing to make available upon the release of future versions, if at all possible. i mean, you had the book written on vpc deployment before Yukon B2 was widely available, wouldn’t it also be possible to make that image available?

    as it turns out i’ve set up basically the same trick and have a base image that i’m using chez moi for when i need to push ‘reset’.

    but for in the future…this is one of those reasons that makes it more and more difficult not to attend these events. ;o)

    these deals will be most welcome in the community, should they ever make it to the subscriber d/l.


  11. Andy Lawrence says:

    Please, please, please make this downloadable. It would make my life sooooo much easier!

  12. Wouldn’t it be nice…

    VSTS Quality Tools: Getting Started with Test Generation

    Viewing Downloaded…

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