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Visual Studio Team System

  • Bill Sheldon from InterKnowlogy has an item in the June 3rd edition of Developer .NET UPDATE [Developer .NET UPDATE--Visual Studio 2005 Team Editions--June 3, 2005] that takes a look at the role-based editions of Team System and offers his opinion on which one might be right for you. He also had an item in the May 20th edition [Team System and the Team Foundation Server], which I linked to previously.
  • Sean McBreen also has a post that can help you answer the question, “Is Visual Studio Team System for Me?” However, with the recent news of the limited edition Team Foundation Server you can probably remove his caveat about small teams. Paul Lo sees the value, even for a small team, and Willem Viljoen catches that part of the value exists beyond the developer’s desktop.
  • Daniel Carbajal recently attended the Team System Ascend training in Redmond and has these highlights to share.
  • For those who are evaluating Beta 2, Hong Gao from the Visual Studio Setup Team has captured some of the common installation issues and solutions.
  • As others have noted in previous posts, the Team System Walkthroughs are a great resource for evaluating Team System. Ohad Israeli has a post with links to some of the Beta 2 Team System walkthroughs.
  • Here’s a post with links at the end to the ASP.NET Roadshow videos, which includes a video for ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Studio Team System.
  • In the Visual Studio 2005 Team System Modeling Strategy and FAQ, we set out our strategy for model-driven development as a series of questions and responses that address common concerns of developers.
  • InfoWorld has an article that covers changes we’ve made to Visual Studio 2005 based on feedback we’ve received from you. I hope to have a blog post soon to catalog some of the changes we’ve made to Team System based on your feedback.
  • I guess I can’t chicken-out now. Paul Ballard has posted that he’ll be recording an interview with yours truly at TechEd 2005 in Orlando this week. Seeing my name alongside someone as noteworthy as Jeffrey Richter is really freaky to me.
  • Carl Franklin recently spoke with Brian Randell on an episode of DotNetRocks about the advantages and disadvantages of Virtual PC and Virtual Server [link]. As I’ve noted before, virtualization technologies are an excellent solution for evaluating prerelease software, such as Visual Studio Team System.
  • Andrew Stopford has found that you currently need to install portions of Team System, in addition to Team Build, for Team Build to run unit tests and the like [link].
  • It appears that SYS-CON University will offer a course taught by Team System’s Granville “Randy” Miller, The Microsoft Framework: An Agile Software Development Process for Building Web Service Applications [link].
  • Dave Oliver learned the lesson that many have: read and follow the Team Foundation Installation Guide when you install Team Foundation Server [link].

Suggested Reading


  • Pedro Silva : See You at TechEd 2005
  • Barry Gervin : When is a database oriented as a service?
  • Paul Gielens : Domain-Driven Design Pattern Summaries
  • Josh Lee : The Metaphor of Architecture
  • Darrell Norton : How to Use Design Patterns
  • Harry Pierson : Architecture Webcast Series


  • Class Designer Team : Class Designer Hands on Lab in TechEd 2005
  • Andrew Stopford : VSTS Unit Testing Private Methods
  • James Newkirk : NUnit Tests and Visual Studio 2005 Team System
  • Andrew Stopford : Team System unit testing
  • Ryan Myers : Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) 
  • Thom Robbins : Introducing the Class Designer [Flash]
  • Steve Caroll : Beta2 CLR Symbols Live
  • Anil John : Security & Privacy: Building Security In
  • Rico Mariani : Narrowing Down Performance Problems in Managed Code

Project Management

  • Dave Froslie : A Software Engineering Culture
  • Dennis van der Stelt : Agile vs. RUP
  • Darrell Norton : Jim Highsmith answers Objections to Agile Development
  • CommentWire by Datamonitor : Microsoft: part of the process
  • Martin Fowler : RigorousAgile

Team Software Development

  • John Lawrence : Where do Work Items go when they are closed?  | Langleyben Leon's feedback on Work Item Field Names  | Team Foundation dogfood statistics for May
  • Team Foundation Team : Beta 2 Extensibility Kit Updated
  • Team System UE : Setting Permissions in Team Foundation (Beta 2) 
  • Buck Hodges : How to use the TF version control command line from VS 2003 and other environments  | CVS compared with Team Foundation Version Control
  • Marcel de Vries : How do you write a custom check-in policy?
  • Langleyben Leon : Available Controls for Team System Work Item fields
  • Peter Ibbotson : Team foundation server fixes
  • Raimond Brookman : Team System tips on User credential sync and Datawarehouse cpu usage
  • Mike Attili : Problems with SQL Server Reporting Services Permissions
  • Jeff Gonzalez : Project/Solution Organization
  • Mr .NET : VSTS TFS – my early experience
  • Jason Barille : Does your application support high dpi settings?


  • Dave McKinstry : VSTS Test Lists, without a server

The Eric Jarvi Archive

Eric Jarvi, an SDET on Team System, has been testing the heck out of his blog lately:

  • Response to Brian Marick's post on 'Exploration Through Example'

  • book review: Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services  

  • Eric Jarvi : Rico Mariani talks on improving .NET performance

  • VSTS Tip: how to validate deployment designer diagrams

  • VSTS Tip: Think outside the box with AutomatedQA

  • VSTS Tip: use gssutil.exe to set up team project permissions  

  • VSTS Tip: VSSConverter and the VSS 8.0 stepping stone  

  • VSTS Tip: TF Permissions  

  • VSTS Tip: use the projmap.exe utility to change project mapping after creating a team project

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