5-User TFS included with VSTS Role-Based Editions

This is just a quick post while I finish up Part 3 of my Hitchhiker’s Guide to Visual Studio Team System, which will focus on Team Foundation Server…

We’re going to include a 5–user version of Team Foundation Server with each of the role-based editions of Team System:

  • Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Architects
  • Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Developers
  • Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Testers
  • Visual Studio Team Suite (which incorporates all of the above)

This is great news for solo developers, independent consultants, micro ISVs and other small organizations!

In addition, we've finalized the promotional pricing for MSDN Universal subscribers that want Visual Studio Team Suite when it ships.

Rick LaPlante's blog has the details and the MSDN site has been reworked.

For more information, see http://blogs.msdn.com/rickla/archive/2005/05/12/416994.aspx and http://msdn.microsoft.com/howtobuy/vs2005/.

Comments (14)

  1. Don says:

    As someone who posted numerous comments complaining about the old pricing scheme, I just want to say "W00t!" and "Thanks" and "the next beer is on me"



  2. Philip Rieck says:

    This is exactly the news I wanted to hear! Thanks so much for listening to our feedback, and incorporating it in a way that makes it a win for us and for you.

  3. Good news! Can you clarify whether it is the full version of TFS that is bundled, with a 5-user licence, or whether it is a special version that will only work with 5 users?

  4. Greg says:

    This ROCKS! And makes a great deal of sense (IMHO)

    Thank you…

  5. As someone who it still complaining about the pricing because Team Edition is tethered to an MSDN subscription, I’m happy to see you listened to some of the feedback, but still waiting on a reasonably-priced solution for those of us who derive little to no use from MSDN subscriptions.

  6. denny says:

    this sounds just about perfect!!

    Good Move Folks!!

  7. Just got some very good news for small shops who are interested in the upcoming Visual Studio 2005 Team…

  8. Tom says:

    Wonderful! We were getting really exited about TFS, but then we realized the additional cost. Now it looks like we’ll get to use it!

  9. Visual Studio Team System

    The big news around Team System at the moment is the announcement on Rick…

  10. m Langille says:

    But if your an Empower Subscriber you don’t get this despite having MSDN Universal. Latest letter from MS states Empower subs get VS2005 Professional, not Team Developer.

  11. Johnny Spittle says:

    I was heartbroken (well i didnt cry to long) to find out that Empower subscribers didnt event get team dev. A friend and i are just trying to get started and scraped together the money for empower. As I though the MSDN universal will have it, oh but wait, NOOOOOOOO, argggh. All the time i spent defending MS to my linux chums 😉

    Anyway people as MS go on be a sport give us team dev.

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