New Team System Stuff – 2005-05-09

Visual Studio Team System

  • If you’re installing Beta 2 using Virtual PC, you should learn to appreciate the almighty differencing disk.
  • Chris Menegay shares Q&A from recent his recent Team System classes here and here.
  • Mickey Gousset had no trouble with his Team Foundation Server install, but Sam Gentile ran into what’s become a common source of pain. Be sure to get the latest version of the Installation Guide – you will not succeed without it. See this post in Ask Burton, too.
  • My team, the Visual Studio Team System User Education team, has launched a new team blog.
  • Steven Borg is posting tips & tricks, as well as potential bugs (I, II and III) that I hope he’ll add to the Product Feedback Center.
  • According to a recent post by Josh Ledgard, the Team System forums have the highest answer rate (82%) compared to the other MSDN forums! Got a Team System question? Ask it in the Team System forums.
  • A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Visual Studio 2005 Team System has been translated into several languages.


  • Barry Gervin posted his concerns about the current Distributed System Designers and the need for a “Physical Datacenter Designer”. Be sure to read the comments from Joel Semeniuk and Alex Torone.


  • Eric Jarvi has started an area on the Channel 9 wiki for the Profiler. Eric also shares a tip for printing the call tree view from a Profiler performance report.
  • See Ian Huff’s post for an introduction to Code Coverage in Team System.
  • The Class Designer team blog has a post about integration with source code control and a post on using exporting Class Designer diagrams.
  • Matt Pietrek has a follow-on post about Event Tracing for Windows.
  • Ian Huff shares a new feature in .NET 2.0 for making internal functions available to another assembly.
  • Patrick Steele has a post on the benefit of unit tests when refactoring code.

Project Management

Team Software Development

  • There are two Team Foundation chats scheduled this week.
  • In this post, Adam Singer helps explain the concept of workspaces in Team Foundation source control.
  • I think I missed these posts last month, but Jeff Lucovsky has a two-part post (I & II) about using RSS to keep tracking of checkins. Jeff also has a post about the importance of Watson reports.
  • If you’re having trouble getting Team Build to work, like Adam did, review this post on the Team Foundation team blog.
  • The site is up and running.
  • Omar Villareal has some has a tip if you get the “Unable to connect to BIS service” message.
  • Andrew Duthie blogs about custom check-in policies.
  • Adam Singer share a tip on remapping working folders in Team Foundation source control.
  • Rick LaPlante shared our recent Team Foundation dogfood statistics, which John Lawrence helped illustrate with some charts.
  • Eric Jarvi has a tip for copying & pasting work item lists from Excel to e-mail.
  • Abhinaba Basu shows how to create a build type in Team Build.
  • John Lawrence blogs about the permanence of work items in Team Foundation.
  • Eric Jarvi shares his impression of Team Foundation reporting.
  • As you may know, Team System is not a Redmond-only affair. We have teams in many locations, including North Carolina. Buck Hodges blogs about a recent news item in the local paper there.


Visual Studio Team System Workshop

  • Members of the DSL Tools team presented at the SPA conference. See posts from Alan Cameron Wills and Gareth Jones. Also, see Gareth’s post on bug bashing and Alan’s post on composing DSLs.
  • Steve Cook questions the need for mandatory modeling, which was proposed at symposium he attended.
  • As Andrew Duthie notes, there’s a new workbench in the workshop – the System Definition Model (SDM) SDK workbench.

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