Team Foundation Installation Guide – v1.0.50428

I just posted a new version (1.0.50428) of the Team Foundation Installation Guide for Beta 2. This version supersedes the version you’ll see on the Team Foundation Server DVD/CD.

Note   It may take a bit for this update to propagate to all download servers.

For now, it’s only available as a CHM file. I’ll post a PDF when it becomes available.

Fixed in this release:

  • Team Foundation Installation Guide (Beta 2) Errata
  • Added instructions for installing Team Build.
  • Added guidance for adding users to appropriate security roles in Windows SharePoint Services & SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • Added link to MSDN Subscriber Downloads for obtaining SQL Server April CTP.

Comments (6)

  1. Rob Gibbens says:

    Question: I want to install Team Build on the same machine as the rest of Team Foundation (Windows Server 2003 SP1). I have Routing and Remote Access turned on. When I attempt to start the Windows Firewall, I get an error stating that another process is using ipnat.sys. I stopped RRAS, and tried again, but still got the same error. Do you have any idea how to get the Windows Firewall to start so that I can install Team Build? Should this be in the install guide? As an aside, why MUST the Firewall be on to install Team Build? Is this going to be that way in the final version?

  2. Visual Studio Team System

    If you’re installing Beta 2 using Virtual PC, you should learn to appreciate…

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