Team Foundation Installation Guide (Beta 2) Errata

The following issues exist in the Team Foundation Installation Guide (v1.0.50412):

1. Team Foundation Server Support for x64 is Not Available in Beta 2

Topic: Team Foundation System Requirements

Issue: In the table of system requirements, Opteron is listed as a processor option. For the Beta 2 release of Team Foundation Server, Windows Server x64 Editions are not supported. Although it is not officially supported for Beta 2, you may be able to use an x64 operating system for the data tier in a dual-server deployment.

2. Incorrect Directory Listed for Team Foundation Server Setup (setup.exe)

Topics: How to: Install Team Foundation Server; How to: Install Team Foundation Server (Data Tier Only); How to: Install Team Foundation Server (Data Tier Only)

Issue: If the autorun page does not appear, the installation guide refers to a non-existent top-level directory (/vs) for running setup (setup.exe). Instead, simply run autorun.exe in the root folder of the installation media to launch the autorun page manually.

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