Rick LaPlante on Team System (Part II)

If you weren’t satisfied with my explanation of Team System pricing and licensing [A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Visual Studio 2005 Team System, Part II], or you don’t want to wait for my next installment of the Guide, watch part 2 of this Channel 9 video with Rick LaPlante.

Download | Streaming [0:36:25]

In this video, Rick addresses the six key questions that arose following the pricing and licensing announcement:

  1. What about the little guy?
  2. Why are you raising the price of MSDN Universal?
  3. Why don't I get the server when I buy the client?
  4. If you were a consultant, what would you buy?
  5. If I do all of the roles, which product do I buy?
  6. Didn't the “universal” in MSDN Universal mean I get everything?

At the end of the video, you can learn more about the Beta 2 Go Live license and what that means to the Whidbey product release.

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    Beta 2 is out and thousands of you have downloaded and installed it with varying…

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