TechWeb Article on Eclipse Plug-In for Team Foundation

Alexander Wolfe has an article on TechWeb about an open-source project to bring Team Foundation Server’s work item tracking and version control features.

Tool Will Connect Microsoft's Visual Studio To Eclipse

A small, grass-roots development effort could presage better connections between Microsoft and the open-source community.

Working in their free time, two Australian software developers are creating a software plug-in to tie Microsoft's Visual Studio Team System into the open-source Eclipse environment. David Lemphers, a developer evangelist at Microsoft Australia, and Joe Sango, a senior developer at TeamForce, a software house in Victoria, Australia, last week set up shop on, an open-source Web site that hosts collaborative software projects. The two, who are working on the project independently of their jobs, are inviting in other developers and hope to have working software available in the near future.

Read more [via Joe Sango].

Comments (3)

  1. Visual Studio Team System

    Beta 2 is out and thousands of you have downloaded and installed it with varying…

  2. Where can I find this plugin to download ?;

  3. RobCaron says:

    I don’t think this project survived; however, Martin Woodward eventually joined Teamprise ( Teamprise sells a product that provides this functionality.

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