New Team System Forums Online

The new Visual Studio Team System Forums are now open for business. For more information about the MSDN Forums Beta, see this post by Josh Ledgard: More Information on the MSDN Forums Beta. The MSDN Forums replace the private Whidbey newsgroups (microsoft.private.whidbey.*), but the forums support RSS feeds and MSN Alerts.

Thanks to Josh and the MSCOM Community team for making this happen.

Visual Studio Team System General

New to Team System? Have a general question? Start here!

Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Architects

Learn how to design and validate your service-oriented applications using the new Distributed System Designers.

Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Developers

Discuss code performance & security using the advanced development tools in VSTS including static and dynamic analysis, code profiling, and unit testing.

Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Testers

Learn how to push your applications to the max with the new load testing and web testing functionality in Visual Studio Team System.

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

Discuss Team Foundation Server version control, work item tracking, build automation, project management, reporting, and extensibility.

Visual Studio Team System Workshop

Discuss the various ongoing projects found in the Team System workshop.

Domain-Specific Language Tools

Discuss the framework and tools for delivering domain-specific visual designers that plug into Visual Studio.

Microsoft Solutions Framework - MSF

Discuss MSF v4 and the integrated process automation and guidance found in Team System.

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