A journey through the world of Microsoft Team System…

Yesterday, SA Architect [www.SaArchitect.net] posted an early review of Team System [A journey through the world of Microsoft Team System...] by Willy-Peter Schaub.

“So is it a solution? In our opinion the solution will add immense value to all stakeholders, irrespective of the methodology, i.e. formal, agile or extreme programming. The success of the solution, however, depends on the information captured and the integrity thereof … the problem of garbage in, garbage out is not and cannot be addressed by any solution. In other words our answer is a unified and definite YES.”

What’s really cool is this poster they have put together to illustrate Team System [Microsoft Team System], but I haven’t fully studied it to vouch for its accuracy.

[UPDATE 30531.1146 – added byline info.]

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  1. He actually based the poster on the Ascend training – so it’s accurate based on that. Obviously, it’s process, so whether the process is "good" or not can be debated – since I made it up (based on the existing Agile) – I of course, think it’s great! I think it’s a great flow of the lifecycle – I was floored when I first saw this. I showed this to one of my co-workers who quickly pointed out that he must have been pretty bored during my class if he was working on that :-/ If you have suggestions, I’m sure Willy will take them – he’s a sharp guy.

  2. We will appreciate all comments on the poster which we are busy updating as we are continuing our evaluation of VSTS. We are in the process of loading the BETA-2 preview (50215.10) and will post our findings in due course.

    I was actually not bored during Chris’ Ascend training, which was "excellent"! I was, however, motivated and hyped up after the training, especially as many of the problems we experienced with December CTP were clarified by Chris.

    Chris, once again thanks for the course, keep your comments rolling in and warm regards from sunny South-Africa. I hope you enjoyed your weekend at Pilansberg!

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