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Chat Transcript: Consuming Web Services in Visual Basic .NET (4/2002)
Summary: The transcript for a chat I participated in with Paul Yuknewicz and Alan Griver.

Getting Started with XML Web Services in Visual Basic.NET and Visual C# (10/2002)
Summary: This article will help you get started creating and accessing XML Web services with Visual Basic .NET and Visual C#. (15 printed pages)

Develop a Web Service: Up and Running with the SOAP Toolkit for Visual Studio (8/2000)
Summary: The new Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Toolkit for Visual Studio 6.0 provides the infrastructure for developers to build, expose, and consume Web services. (12 printed pates)

Coding Techniques and Programming Practices (2/2000)
Summary: Provides coding techniques and programming practices for improving the quality of source code. (12 printed pages)

Data Interoperability Using Enterprise-Wide Data Sources (8/1999)
Summary: Discusses the foundations on which to develop a data interoperability solution using enterprise-wide data sources. (16 printed pages)

Online Bookstore - Overview (7/1999)
Summary: Looks at Online Bookstore, a Web-based bookseller. Discusses the strategies and considerations involved in the development of this interoperability sample application. Concludes with a walk-through of the application. (23 printed pages)

Online Bookstore - Setup (7/1999)
Summary: Provides the sample files and describes how to install the Online Bookstore databases, components, and Web site. Covers system requirements, core setup, and interoperability setup. (25 printed pages)

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  1. Today marks my sixth anniversary at Microsoft. I joined the Visual Studio Enterprise User Education team…

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