Team System Article Coming Soon in MSDN Magazine

MSDN Magazine - April 2005Next month’s issue of MSDN Magazine (April 2005) has an extensive article (6+ pages & good graphics) by Chris Menegay on Visual Studio 2005 Team System based on the December CTP release (Team Up! Get All Your Devs in a Row with Visual Studio 2005 Team System). I just received the dead-tree version in the mail. If you have a subscription, it’s on page 99. The online version should be available a little later this month.

Of course, some stuff has changed since this article probably went to press. First, the two methodology templates that will ship with Team System are now named: MSF for Agile Software Development and MSF for CMMI® Process Improvement. Second, the GotDotNet workspace for the walkthroughs is outdated (they were for Beta 1 Refresh) and I’m going to delete it; the latest walkthroughs (and the rest of the docs) are in the release of MSDN Library that shipped with the December CTP. The version of MSDN Library that ships with Beta will have more documentation.

UPDATE 50315.0: This article is now available online –

UPDATE 50315.1: This month’s Service Station column by Aaron Skonnard, Developing .NET Web Services with Beta 2, has a section on using Team System’s Distributed System Designers “for modeling the components of an application and the connections between them.”

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