New Team System Stuff – 2005-03-04

Visual Studio Team System

“[Adam Gallant] even stayed late and through in a bonus walk through of the Visual Studio Team System. I couldn't possibly be more excited about that system being released. I have seen plenty of earlier demos but this one had my head in a spin. It's exactly what our team has been mimicking over the past few years via Project Server / SharePoint but better suited for a development team that lives in VS. I get the info I need - they don't have to use 3-4 different systems to get it to me. I truly can't wait!” – Amanda Murphy, Catch Up


DSL Tools & Software Factories


Project Management

  • Chris Flaat’s team, like my own (we’ve adapted it for developing documentation, not software), is still using scrum. Read the latest on how it’s going for him [Sprint 5 beginning].
  • Eric Landes has a post [Is MSF Agile Really Agile?] based on something Mike Gunderloy wrote in his post on the Developer Central Blog about MSF for Agile Software Development [Microsoft does agile - sort of]. I’m of the mindset that no out-of-the-box process will ever work for me, unless I packed the box. Even then, I may find it necessary to adapt that process on a per-project basis. If you take issue with part of the MSF for Agile Software Development process guidance – change it. It’s fully customizable. You can tweak it, rip & replace whole portions of it, or start from scratch. It’s not intended to be THE agile process for software development in Team System. Instead, it’s an implementation of an agile process.

Team Software Development



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