Feed Reader Callbacks

Here’s an update on my feed reader auditions [RSS News Reader Auditions]. I just uninstalled You Subscribe: RSS and RSS Popper, which leaves me with NewsGator and intraVnews

You Subscribe: RSS looks good and worked fairly well, but it caused Outlook to crash sometimes on exit. I’ll probably consider it again when it goes from public preview to a shipping product.

I didn’t get to evaluate RSS Popper. As soon as Outlook started, RSS Popper would crash.

intraVnews is looking very promising!

Comments (4)

  1. Check out Omea reader while you’re at it.

  2. Fred says:

    Hello Mr Caron,

    Personally I use Omea reader since 5 months and it works really well. This is a professional product with a free license (available until 31 march).

    What I like in Omea? The look he have, the way you can organize the information through views, the options you have to visualize posts. It’s with Omea I have the best control organization for an optimal visualization of posts on my 15" laptop screen. Also, it never crashed or had database corruption.

    So you have nothing to lose by testing it 🙂



  3. Fred says:

    I finally blogged about Omea. There you’ll find a more in deep view of Omea than in what I wrote in my previous comment:




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