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A few days ago I blogged about my NewsGator problems [Bitten by NewsGator]. In response to that post, I’ve received quite a few comments and e-mail with alternative product recommendations (Thanks, everyone!).

Top 10 Suggestions (in no particular order)

When I searched for an RSS news reader last year, I found Outlook Add-Ins worked best with my daily routine. Despite that, I did give some of the stand-alone Windows applications another try. I even considered trying the Web-based solutions, but I need an off-line solution, too.

After a few days, I found that I still prefer an Outlook Add-In. That leaves me with either RSS Popper, You Subscribe: RSS, intraVnews, or simply sticking with NewsGator and maintaining vigilant OPML backups.

In a few days I’ll let you know how it goes…

Comments (9)

  1. Ian Dixon says:

    If you use Media Center I have a RSS reader for Windows Media Center, it should be ready for download this week, it also has a feature for Pocket PC reading

  2. I found that OmeaReader works best for me and is the most stable and polished RSS reader out there. I have not looked at the Outlook add-ins but will try them. Thanks for the list.

  3. This is great… I started working on a similar blog entry, and was glad to see that you already did so! I started with, then picked up SharpReader, which is frustrating me with it’s slow load times when I login to my laptop. I’ll be reading all the responses to this post as well!

  4. Sharpreader is feature rich and stable, but very slow. I LOVE RssBandit, but it keeps reseting one of my feeds, so it has no value for archiving. I’m going to have to try some of these. My boss tried Pluck, but it ate a lot of resources.

  5. On windows, there is nothing that beats FeedDemon. You can find more info here:


  6. J.Marsch says:

    I would strongly consider an Outlook plugin. I used to use Feed Demon (it’s a nice reader), but ended up moving to Newsgator (still on that one so far).

    I subscribe to a lot of technical stuff, and I like to keep my articles around and search them when I need to reference something. The nice thing about staying in the Outlook world is that you have a common back-end store (I lost all my donwloaded articles when I moved from Feed Demon to Newsgator — I migrated the feeds via OPML, but if I want my old content, I have to either go to the Blog pages, or search them with Feed Demon

    All of the features in Outlook are hard to beat — searching, flagging, forwarding, search folders etc all right there.

    Oh, and for me the real killer app was when I installed Lookout for Outlook (free super-fast indexer). Now I can search over a years worth of feeds with sub-second response time. That is awesome.

    Oh, I use Bloglines as my backup. Newsgator has a web client, but usually if I’m using a web client I am reading on my Pocket PC. Bloglines has PPC-friendly web pages, newsgator does not.

  7. Rob Caron says:

    Newzie by Newzie /Arda Celebi Although I favored Outlook-based solutions in the past ( RSS News Reader

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