Bitten by NewsGator

I’ve been using the NewsGator Outlook add-in since sometime last year. I don’t know why it happens, but subscription information is volatile. Without intentionally editing it, it can change by itself.

For example, after connecting to the Internet through a hotel Internet access system this past week, the majority of my subscription URLs became the URL of that system.


Because of that, I missed almost a week of my subscribed blog feeds. I exported my feeds to an OPML file earlier this year, but it’s missing everything I’ve subscribed to since then.

I guess it’s time to start looking into alternatives…suggestions welcome. I tried SharpReader and RSS Bandit before NewsGator, I’ll give them another look.

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  1. I’m a big Bloglines fan. If you need to read offline, I’ve heards lots and lots of good things about FeedDemon.

  2. Not NewsGator’s fault, but stupid hotel Internet services that work by issuing 301 permanent redirects for everything. See for someone else who recently got hit by this. NewsGator unfortunately did the "right" thing. Hotel should have issued 307 or 302 redirect…

    The moral to the story is to save your OPML before connecting to a strange Internet system, I fear.

  3. Onfolio 2.0 is my favorite other than NewsGator.

  4. Rob Caron says:

    Yes, it is Newsgator’s fault in my opinion. I manually specified subscription information that the application chose to overwrite dynamically with inaccurate information. If the application feels the need to change this information for any reason, it should prompt me if I want to accept the change.

  5. David Hayden says:

    OmeaReader by JetBrains is really good. It is free until March 31st. They have a pro version as well.

  6. maybe you should send a WTF email to the Outlook PM.

  7. Rob Caron says:

    Why the Outlook PM? Outlook doesn’t manage Newsgator subscriptions, Newsgator does.

  8. vbNullString says:

    Go for Omea Reader. It’s free until the end of March. I personally love it.

  9. Jose Lema says:

    Another vote for Omea Reader

  10. Because Outlook is a messaging client Rob, not an email client.

  11. If you do send him a WTF email send him a link to that Omea, tell him to install the Pro version. Then ask him to justify why Outlook doesn’t have anywhere near the same level of functionality. Or you can just shoot me his email address and I’ll do it for you. 😉

  12. RGab says:

    Omea Reader is good but check out Onfolio 2 Preview.. It’s da bomb. Use it for feeds, favorites, research, etc.

    My 50 cent 🙂

  13. Wedgewood says:

    Does the RSS format contain any Microsoft patents?

  14. zzz says:

    Omea has nasty bug.. Does not start with .NET 2.0 – SharpReader works fine.

    Onfolio 2 Preview installer also wants to download .NET even though I clearly have .NET perfectly working as SharpReader and other stuff works ok.

    I think I’ll stick with SR..

  15. Howard Hoy says:

    Pluck is ok, but SR still is my reader of choice.

  16. G. Dawg says:

    I recommend bloglines for an online reader, and Omea Reader would also be my pick for offline/client app readers.

  17. Especially for people on the move, I’d recommend online readers: Newsgator has an online channel. I actually prefer

    Full access to the blogs from anywhere with an internet connection.


  18. Dave says:

    Try RSS Popper ( It’s a freeware RSS add-in for Outlook

  19. FeedDemon – best $50 I ever spent…

  20. Bruce Lee says:

    Bloglines is cool! Or you can try the new version of RSS Bandit.

  21. Slavo Furman says:

    Definitely try Omea Reader


  22. craig barnes says:

    give you subscribe:rss a try. works in outlook however engine outside of outlook. fast. in preview release as a .83. Plus ie plugin autoscans pages for feeds.

  23. Rob Fuller says:

    I’m using OnFolio and thinking it Rocks!!!

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