Team System Slides from VSLive! San Francisco

Managing the Software Lifecycle with Visual Studio 2005 Team System
Ajay Sudan, Microsoft
Get a glimpse of Microsoft's new software lifecycle tools and see how Visual Studio 2005 combines developer productivity enhancements with a focus on integration.
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Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Enterprise Development and Testing Tools
Eric Lee, Microsoft
Check out Visual Studio 2005's new tools for formulating test cases, running load tests, automating nightly builds, and viewing historical results and quality trends of software projects.
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[via What to Expect From Visual Studio 2005]

Comments (3)

  1. Adam Hill says:

    The pricing model still sucks. I wish all the 2-3 person shops would speak up a bit more.

    We *paid* for Universal, we expect Universal, nothing less. A certain bald headed VP stood up on stage and chanted ‘Developers’ for an inordinately long amount of time. These are the people the pricing model most discriminates against.

    You are making your grass roots, highly evangelistic shops pay out the wazoo for the tools. Not the smartest thing to do.

    Most corporations might not blink at the pricing, but some of us will have to think long and hard about what we are going to do. Will we have to choose between well architected, well tested, well deployed or well written apps?

    I hope someone at MS is listening to the little guy.

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