VSTS Dec 04 CTP – What Works, What Doesn’t and What’s in the Middle

I’ll update this post as needed to provide an indication of what works and what doesn’t for Team System features in the December 2004 CTP release of Visual Studio 2005 Team System.

You can also find a collection of Known Issues on the Ask Burton blog, which we try to update frequently.

Note This list is not completely authoritative and is subject to change. Your mileage may vary as features working or not in a CTP release depends on many variables.

What Works – stuff you can evaluate in most scenarios

  • C/C++ Source Code Analysis
  • Code Coverage *
  • Code Profiling *
  • Comand Line Test Execution (mstest.exe)
  • Custom Process Templates
  • Custom Work Items
  • Data-Driven Testing
  • Debugger Integration with Testing
  • Deployment Designer
  • Generic Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Managed Binary Code Analysis
  • Manual Testing
  • Microsoft Excel 2003 Integration
  • Microsoft Project Professional 2003 Integration
  • MSF Agile Process Template
  • Project Portal ***
  • SCM Converter – Visual SourceSafe
  • Team Foundation client object model**
  • Team Foundation Server dual-server deployment
  • Team Foundation version control
  • Test Case management
  • Unit Testing
  • Web Testing
  • Windows 2003 AD support

What Doesn’t – stuff you can’t evaluate

  • Project Metrics Data Warehouse
  • Reporting
  • Team Build
  • Team Foundation alerts
  • Team Foundation Server single-server deployment
  • Workgroup support
  • Windows 2000 AD support

What’s in the Middle – stuff you’ll have some trouble evaluating (see Known Issues)

  • Application Designer
  • IIS Settings Import
  • Logical Datacenter Designer
  • Team Foundation Version Control Checkin Policy
  • Work Item Tracking Converter – ClearQuest


  • * Not available when installed in a virtual machine.
  • ** Need to download the extensibility kit.
  • *** Web parts for displaying reports display error messages.
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  1. data says:

    Something worth noting also is the bug where caret / text (cursor/pointer) starts disappearing on every second time you focus to the code editor window. It comes more easy when using task bar to switch windows.. It has been reported in PFC.

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